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Meteor Streaks across Northeast Sky Tuesday May 17

Northern Lights Now – You never know what you are going to see when out chasing Aurora! This morning around 12:30 AM EST, when several aurora hunters were out looking for Aurora due to a G1 strom watch, a very bright meteor streaked across the nighttime New England sky. It was visible from upstate New York to New Jersey and all the way to the coast. Here’s a dash cam video captured by the Portland ME police officer Sgt. Farris:

Watch with the sound on, you’ll hear he was very impressed!

If you saw the fireball last night, please consider reporting it on AMSMeteors’ website. They collect reports of fireballs, meteors and shooting stars and map the results. With reports of timing, direction and magnitude they can triangulate the exact path the meteor took through the sky. Here is a peak at their current Map of this display:

Here’s a tweet showing the Portsmouth webcam at the moment the meteor passed overhead:

Any more pictures or videos of this show that you could share with NLN? Let us know via @northlightalert twitter account or at photos@northernlightsnow.com

Happy Hunting!