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Are the Aurora and Northern Lights Active Now?

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Your best bet for determining if there is currently aurora activity is to take a peak at the current KP value. The chart on that page shows the current KP and the expected KP over the next 30-75 minutes. KP is a global scale that ranges from 0 to 9, the higher the value, the more active the aurora is and the closer to the equator it may be visible.

Once you know the current KP, you will want to know if it is possible to see aurora where you are at that KP. This map helps with that:

Global KP boundaries map shows what KP you need to see Aurora
Global KP boundaries map shows what KP you need to see Aurora[/

[caption id="attachment_1365" align="aligncenter" width="689"]Southern Hemisphere KP Maps Southern Hemisphere KP Maps

Find your location on this map, If you are in the Northern Hemisphere the KP level you need is the line to the south of your location. Likewise, if you are in the southern hemisphere the value you need is on the line to the north of your location.

Finally, check your weather. Aurora displays are high in the atmosphere. If it is cloudy, the aurora will be above the clouds and you will not be able to see them.

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Aurora Possible July 20 and 21

Northern Lights Now – There is a slight chance for an aurora display on July 20 and July 21 UTC. The most likely times are in the evening, just after sunset and before moonrise, across the Northern United States. The chances aurora may be visible are higher at this time because a cloud of magnetically charged gas is moving toward Earth after an eruption on the Sun on Sunday. The chances are only slight because the cloud is moving slowly and when it arrives it may not have enough magnetic charge to activate the aurora bands. It will also be hard to see any aurora because the Moon will be full or near-full, which will make the sky fairly bright overnight.

That said – keep your cameras ready because there’s a chance!

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