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Shout out to our Twitter Community

Northern Lights Now – Happy New Year. We may be in the solar minimum, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun posting about aurora and dark sky photography on our twitter feed. Feel free to come join us and join in the conversations!

Today we saw this tweet from David Blanchflower (@DavidBflower) and asked our community to help compile some night sky photos from each of these bucket list places:

Y’all came though! Here’s what we saw (plus some additional tweets!) :

Nazca, Peru:

Hard to find pictures from here! If you have one to share tag us on twitter

Meteor Crater, Arizona.

Atacama Desert, Chile:

New Zealand:

(side note, I was personally lucky enough to be in Lake Takapo just two weeks ago!)


This is from Hobart in Tasmania


Tromsø, Norway:



Canary Islands.

Happy Hunting!