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At Northern Lights Now, our mission is to help as many people see Aurora as possible. NLN accomplishes this mission with your help, and we appreciate it. If you would like to support NLN there are lots of ways you can do – and most don’t cost you a dime!

Grow the Community

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  • Ask your local news media to cover Aurora events. If you have connections in the new media, give them the heads up when there is a solar storm on it’s way, refer them to experts in the field.
  • If you are a meteorologist or a journalist, learn all you can about space weather and share that information in your broadcasts and articles. Reach out to Space Weather experts for news, quotes, and advice.

Make the NLN Experience Better

  • Send us suggestion of what you’d like to see on the site. DM us on Twitter or Message on Facebook.
  • Report bugs. They happen. There is complex code that makes the NLN graphics work and the data flow. When you see something that looks weird let us know and we can fix it.

Support NLN Financially

  • Turn off your ad blocker. Or at least disable it for this site. Most revenue comes from displaying ads on this site, seeing ads is a small price to pay for the content you consume.
  • Make a contribution. Even a small amount makes a difference. We accept bitcoin tips via the lightning network and USD via Venmo, which is a great option because there are virtually zero fees.

  • Venmo:
    Support Northern Lights Now - Venmo
    Support Northern Lights Now – Venmo
  • Advertise on our site. Do you run a hotel or tour company that could benefit from having your name displayed to thousands of enthusiastic aurora hunters? Let’s talk, we have advertising packages available. Reach out via Twitter DM – If you are in a related industry, we can offer an attractive CPM

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