Trio of Flares Launch CME that May produce Aurora on Nov 4, 2021

Northern Lights Now – Another CME launched from the Sun and the updated forecast calls for more potential periods of G1 storming on Nov 4.

There have now been three significant flares with associated CMEs across the previous two days. The first two are from Active Region 2887 (the one that produced the X-class flare and storming over Halloween weekend) which is now rotating around the west limb. The third, launched on Nov 2, was from AR 2891 which is currently center disk. This likely means we’ll receive a direct hit.

The CMEs traveling out from these eruptions will likely interact and make for a somewhat complicated forecast. That said, SWPC has updated the Forecast and is now showing a period of Activity late on 11/3 and early on 11/4 then another period of G1 storming later in the Nov 4 period. It is very possible the forecast is conservative given the position of the third eruption. Here is the most recent forecast:

G1 storming now predicted on Nov 3 and Nov 4
G1 storming now predicted on Nov 3 and Nov 4

Here is an annotated two day composite of LASCO showing the three eruptions that are responsible for the activity predicted in this forecast.

Happy hunting!