Big Halloween Aurora Expected October 30, 2021

Northern Lights Now – A large x-class flare released a CME towards Earth on October 28, 2021. The CME is expected to arrive at Earth Midday Oct 30 GMT. SWPC has issued a G3 storm watch. If the CME arrives with Bz south orientation, it’s likely to bring 24-36 hours of KP=6 and KP=7 storming.

G2 and G3 storming expected over Halloween weekend
G2 and G3 storming expected over Halloween weekend

Here’s a quick video of the flare that launched the CME

As the storm arrives, keep an eye on the Solar Wind data page. When the ICME hits, expect the solar wind speed to jump, and density and total Bt to increase. When the shock front arrives, watch the Bz closely. If it drops deeply negative, there is a very strong likelihood that there will be an aurora display. If the storm starts with a north (positive) orientation, aurora hunters will need to wait for the second phase of the arrival and the maximum potential level decreases to G2.

Happy Hunting!