Comet Neowise: Sightings Map

Northern Lights Now – Comet NEOWISE is now a rare surprise celestial event capturing the imaginations of millions of people. It was discovered in March 27 by the NEOWISE satellite. As late as the beginning of July, most astronomers expected the comet to be just barely visible by telescope or binoculars. The comet has surprised and is now visible to the unaided eye. Over the next several weeks, even more people will be able to see the comet as it starts to appear in the evening sky.

As a citizen science project, NLN has created a map to allow people to submit their sighting details. The should help everyone have a better chance of seeing the comet. You can visit the map here and see the photos that astronomers, amateur astrophotographers, and dark sky fans have shared.

Do you have a NEOWISE comet sighting to submit? Follow the link, add a pin, upload your photo with some date and time information and help the community.

Happy Hunting!