Twitter Time-Lapse from March 2016 Northern Lights

Northern Lights Now – Aurora hunters from Europe to Central North America were treated to aurora as the result of a G3 Geomagnetic storm On March 6-7 2016. Images of aurora filled Twitter, as photographers who stay up late snapping pictures of the night sky shared their success stories. In addition to the photos, several tweeters shared their time lapse photography. NLN has compiled some of the best time lapse in this post. Enjoy!

Astronaut Tim Peake kicked off the evening’s Aurora time-lapse with this “Aurora photobomb” from the International Space Station:

Mac The Hat posted this tweet from the Beauly Firth near North Kessock in the highland of Scotland. In case you were wondering, a firth is a estuary or inlet from the sea:

In N. Ireland, Daragh McDonough (@DaraghDonegal) posted a realtime northern lights capture from a Canon6D from Donegal on the Northwest Coast:

In Maine, the aurora lasted long enough to put on a nice show at Sugarloaf mountain:

Sam Cornwell (@Samcornwell) Shared this wonderful Youtube video he created from images taken in Hawick on the Scottish Borders of the March 2016 storm:

For Hargi (@hargi_) the clouds added texture to the northern lights making a very interesting and lovely time lapse.

Thank you to all he intrepid aurora hunters who brave the cold and dark to share these images with the rest of the world!

Happy Hunting