New Years Eve Aurora Predicted – worldwide press coverage

Northern Lights Now – The internet is abuzz with articles and blog posts about the predicted G3 aurora display for tonight and tomorrow night. It’s no surprise, a G3 storm is very strong and could mean aurora are visible as far south as Salt Lake City, UT, London, and Warsaw and as far north as Melbourne, Australia and Wellington NZ.

Here’s a running list of articles we have found talking about this ongoing storm:

Article from the Pacific Northwest in the United States:

There are several articles from this region as it is one of the few that has clear skies for the first night of the storm:

From The Seattle Times
Northern Lights may be visible in Seattle area by Jack Broom
“The best chance to see the effect may be early in the evening, before the fog sets in.”

Could Seattle Catch a Glimpse of the Northern Lights” by Richard D. Oxley
“With all the city lights it would be difficult or impossible to see. You would need to get out of town,” said Terry Onsager, a physicist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center.”

Northern Lights may be visible as 2015 comes to an end by Scott Sistek
“But if the storm is late and/or the fog is early, we can cross fingers that the storm lingers long enough to bring the aurora back around on Thursday night. Wouldn’t that be a sight: New Year’s Eve auroras! ”

National US and International news:

From NBCBayArea (San Francisco):
Northern Lights: Forget Fireworks, New Year’s Solar Eruption Might Be Visible in Bay Area
“In the Bay Area, skies should be clear, giving stargazers who stay up late a shot at seeing the Aurora borealis: The time to look is early Thursday morning between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., scientists say.”

From Strong solar storm may bring chance to view northern lights to midwestern, northwestern US Wednesday night
“Those in the Ohio Valley and Northeast will be out of luck regardless of whether the aurora develops or not due to widespread clouds”

From the Telegraph: Solar flare hints at New Year light show
“On Monday, a powerful M1.9 class solar flare erupted from the Sun, spewing out huge amounts of charged particles. They began hitting the Earth’s atmosphere early on Wednesday morning, and the effects are expected to continue being felt into New Year’s Eve. ”

From CBC Canada:
Aurora borealis could illuminate New Year’s Eve sky across Canada
“People who want to increase their chances of seeing the lights should try to get away from light pollution, look north, and hope for clear skies.”

From The Local: Sweeden
Northern lights ‘eruption’ set to dazzle Sweden
“Although even if cloud cover does obscure the lights this week, patience will be rewarded, according to, a blog for Swedish northern lights enthusiasts.”

From the International Business Times:
New Year’s Eve Aurora Could Be Visible After Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Earth
“The CME interacts with Earth’s magnetic field, which could affect power systems, GPS and spacecraft, cause radio blackouts and create strong aurora displays. G3 geomagnetic storming could affect satellite and low-frequency radio navigation, according to the SWPC. The aurora may be visible as far south as Illinois and Oregon.”