Return of Long Lived Coronal Hole – November 28

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The transequatorial coronal hole that has been visible on the Sun since April is pointed towards Earth again today. On Each of it’s previous 4 rotations (August 12, September 8, October 4 and November 1), this coronal hole has produced solar wind in excess of 600 km/s about 3-4 days later and it has been responsible for several nice aurora displays. Here’s an image of the coronal hole during the previous four rotations and today

Long Lived Coronal Hole over 5 rotations
Long Lived Coronal Hole over 5 rotations

SWPC is anticipating the high speed stream from the CH to start arriving at Late on November 30th. Solar wind speeds will likely increase to at least 600km/s. It is likely a G1 watch will be posted for Dec 1.

Happy Hunting!