NLN Aurora Brief – November 8, 2015

Aurora Brief Volume 3, Number 6 of 7
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On Earth

The CME from the M3.7 flare traveled faster than models predicted, so arrived a earlier than forecast. It arrived with a consistent north oriented Bz component. But at 02:00, it settle into steady south (-7 to -11 range) orientation. Regular readers know steady south is what aurora hunters hope for. It produced a 12 hour period of G1 and G2 storming. Northern lights sighting reports streamed in on Twitter. Here is a video montage of some of our favorite images that came in on Twitter:

There is a slight chance for additional storming late in the 11/8 period due to the high speed wind from yet another coronal hole. This had previously been forecast to produce G1 storming as it arrived with the tail end of yesterday’s geomagnetic storming. However, since yesterday’s storm was early the effects of the coronal hole are expected less conducive to Aurora

On the Sun

As new active region 2449 continues to rotate into view it appears to have a beta magnetic structure. It produced the largest flare of the period – a C4 flare at 18:11. AR2449 increased in size a small amount in the last 24 hours. It has a very slight chance of producing M-class flaring. Other regions on the disk remain quiet.

Happy Hunting!