NLN Aurora Brief – November 7, 2015

Aurora Brief Volume 3, Number 5 of 7
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On the Sun

New Active region 2449 is rotating into view on the eastern limb. It is still to early to tell for sure what magnetic classification is should have yet. It will be more clear for tomorrow’s Aurora Brief. This region produced a a C4.48 flare, the largest flare of the period. The flare did not produce and Earth-directed CME. All other regions remained the same, or decreased in magnetic complexity.

On Earth

At the end of the period, a CME shock was recorded hitting the ACE satellite. The shock registered on ground based magnetometers about 45 minutes later. KP readings for the end of the period were as high as 4.67. Here are two aurora pics that came in on Twitter just as the aurora was getting going.

So far this solar storm’s Bz component has again been North pointed. So once again, storming levels will be limited. This could shift to South at any time, so don’t give up hope yet!

The continues to be a G1 watch in effect for both November 7 and November 8 as the CME from the M3.7 flare is expected to arrive. It is unclear at this point whether the shock the arrived just now was that expected CME, or if there will be another shock as main CME arrives. For now, aurora hunters can keep their fingers crossed that the second storm will arrive later today and that it will have a more favorable Bz component.

Remember to keep a eye on the current KP.

Happy Hunting!