NLN Aurora Brief – November 4, 2015

Aurora Brief Volume 3, Number 2 of 7
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Aurora Storm Update

Finally – Strong solar winds and G1 storming arrived as the impact from the coronal hole was felt. Solar wind speeds increased in a stepped pattern with several shocks – first to 500km/s, then to 650km/s then peaking around 759 km/s. Winds have been in the 700-760 km/s range since. The Bz has been shifting back and forth between negative and positive which has lead to several short bouts of aurora. Some aurora hunters have been lucky, while others, just a couple hundred miles away or looking at a slightly different time have seen nothing. While there have been periods of G2 storming, the official record of 3-hour averages will only show G1 activity from this storm (so far). Here’s an image of the Geomagnetic activity over the last couple days.

SWPC KP history for Nov 3 aurora storm from coronal hole
SWPC KP history for Nov 3 aurora storm from coronal hole

There is still a chance for more activity over the next 6-12 hours, and solar winds are expected to remain elevated for the next 72 hours. Any disturbances on the wind stream could lead to a spike in activity – so keep an eye on the KP!

Speaking of disturbances, those could come from flares originating in the two beta-delta active regions. Both AR2443 and AR2445 are in the Earth stike zone and are displaying magnetic activity that could lead to M-class flaring. If they do generate a fast moving CME, it could catch up to the wind speed and create a show.

Here’s a great Aurora image from Kiruna, Sweden by Mia Stålnacke

Happy Hunting!