NLN Aurora Brief – October 27, 2015

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Today on the Sun:

Activity on the Sun continues to be quiet. The largest flare today was a C2.2 Flare from active region 2437. While small, this flare produced a CME that was visible on LASCO. Given the location of the flare, it seems unlikely it will have an Earth directed component, but if it does, it might impact earth on 10/29.

There are two other areas of interest on the Sun today. A new active region (AR2340) was numbered after experiencing growth just near the center line. If it continues to grow quickly, it could become a threat for flaring. Here is a view of the new Region:

Newly Numbered AR2440 in Magnetogram
Newly Numbered AR2440 in Magnetogram

In addition the long anticipated return of the coronal hole that produced aurora activity on it’s previous two rotations at the beginning of September and the beginning of October. So far, imagery indicates this coronal hole has maintained it’s structure, and Stereo A data indicated it was still generating strong solar wind 8 days ago. This is one to watch.

Coronal hole returns rotating into view on the Eastern Limb
Coronal hole returns rotating into view on the Eastern Limb

This Date in 2003:

Active Regions 484 and 486 continue to generate large flares. Together, they were responsible for 5 M-class flares. They remained about the same size and magnetic complexity. By now, this period is being talked about as one of the most active periods in solar cycle 23. Stay tuned for tomorrow when AR 486 will release one of the largest flares in recorded history

On Earth, geomagnetic activity only reached active, but over the next two days it is expected to be active with the arrival of the two 10/26 X-class flare CMEs.

Happy Hunting!