NLN Aurora Briefs – October 20, 2015

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Today on the Sun:

Active Region 2436 remains the biggest and most magnetically complex region on the solar disk. Over the last 24 hours it produced the majority of the solar flare, and a couple C-Class flares. It increased in size and in total number of sun spots in the period. Keep an eye on this regions as it rotates into the Earth-facing portion of the Solar Disk, it will likely produce additional flares. Here’s an animated GIF of Active Region 2436 showing the mixed polarities that give it the Beta classification and the recent growth in the last couple frames.

Animated GIF 3 days of magnetogram
Active Region 2436 (Beta-Gamma) in colorized Magnetogram

Active Region 2434 grew in size over the last day as well. It added several new spots on the southern edge of the primary spot and maintained it’s Beta status.

2003 on the Sun:

Over the next two week’s the NLN Aurora Brief will chronicle the “Halloween Solar Storm of 2003.” In 2003, during the declining phase of Solar Cycle 23, a period of major storms erupted over a period of several weeks. On this date in 2003, active region 484 started grew just over 4-fold in area from 240 millionths to 1000 millionths and developed delta spots. It produced the first X-class flare of the period measuring at X1.1. An image of AR484:

AR484 moved onto solar disk
Active Region 484 rotates on to the Eastern portion of the disk before explosive growth

Happy Hunting!