Aurora picture by Maya Hoole 9/7/2015

Labor Day 2015 Aurora Recap Sept 8

What a great night!

The “Labor Day Surprise Storm” started just as evening was falling in Europe, and continued until about 3:00am EST. The timing was terrific for North America aurora hunters who had almost 6 hours of G2 storming. Aurora pictures streamed in from across the Twitter. These were some of our favorites from the evening, enjoy!

The night started off with a nice green sky from Sweeden:

Maya Hoole then captured this beauty in Inverness Scotland

And in nearby Keswick in Cumbria, North West England, Martin Cambell got this great shot

As sunset traveled West, Iceland joined the party with this from Lake Myvatn

Some of the first American sightings were (not surprisingly) in Maine

Jerome Davis – a newly minted aurora hunter – was next in line with this from Webster, NY

The purples really set in around Iowa as reported by Jason Sydejko of KCCI

Continuing westward, Basehunters captured this “back of cam” still

Finally, one of our favorites (and most retweeted of the night) came from Dave Patrick who drove 70 minutes North in Ontario to get a clear view and captured these spectactular colors along with the Milky way

Thanks to all the hunters who shared their excitment, photographs and adventures with us!

Looking ahead, there is another chance for Aurora later this week as the high speed wind being emitted by this coronal hole is expected to reach Earth. Stay tuned!

SDO image of large coronal hole
Coronal hole that could potentially impact Earth later this week

Happy Hunting