G1 Storm Watch Posted for July 5 2015

[Update: G1 storming is arriving Earlier than expected! KP=5.67 is predicted for 6:00pm EST]

SWPC has posted a G1 geomagnetic storm watch for July 5. There is a chance that KP will be higher than 5, between 8:00pm EST July 4th and 8pm EST July 5th. Maybe mother nature will put on a fireworks show for those of us celebrating Independence Day in the US.

G1 storm watch - 7/5/2015
SWPC Issues G1 Geomagnetic Storm Watch for July 5, 2015

We don’t have specifics details on the expected timing, but follow the NLN Twitter Feed for updates as we get more information from SWPC.

The enhanced chances for Aurora this weekend are due to a Coronal Hole High Speed Stream or CH HSS. In the image below, the dark area on the Sun (shaped a little like South America) is the coronal hole. This area spews a fast moving river of charged particles into space. When that stream is pointed towards Earth, it typically arrives about three days later.

Coronal Hole 7/2/2015
Coronal hole (dark area in center sun) from 7.2.2015

When the activity from this storm picks up, don’t forget to watch the KP live on NLN’s live KP web page

Happy Hunting