Aurora Possible Tonight – 6/22/2015

Two large CMEs launched from the Sun over the weekend. On Friday, an Partial-Halo eruption was observed from an eruption on the SSE quadrant of the. On Sunday, a powerful eruption with a full-halo signature launched from Active Region 2371 associated with a double-top M3 flare. The ejecta was moving quickly and expected to arrive at Earth within 24-36 hours of launch.

SWPC is now predicting G3 storming for this evening with KP possibly exceeding 7.0. This should be a good show for Northern Europe (In places where it gets dark), new England and South-eastern Canada. If the storming persists, it could also be a good show for the northern western states and western Canada.

Tonight is the second longest night of the year in the southern hemisphere and the second shortest in the Northern hemisphere. For those in the North – at least it should be warmer than most Aurora hunting nights!

Here’s the projected timeframe for arrival of the CMEs and their expected impact. Remember to subtract 4 hours for EST:

3-day projections for KP from the SWPC
3-day projections for KP from the SWPC

Happy Hunting