Aurora Hunting Success – St. Patrick’s Day Storm 3/17/2015

We had a great night of aurora hunting in Burlington, Vermont last night. Two NLN authors, Dan and Charles, pictured below, were able to see Northern Lights over Lake Champlain in Burlington Vermont.

Charles and Dan
Charles and Dan Shelter from the wind while time lapse camera snaps photos

There were two periods of clear skies filled with aurora glow and punctuated with pillars, and a green curtain. It was clear from about 8:30 – 9:30 and again from 12:30 to 1:30am. In the middle, there was an amazing snow squall with 30 MPH winds.

Here’s a teaser image from the shoot, and below it a produced time lapse from the evening that is posted to our youtube channel. Come back soon for a full write up of the night’s events and a storm recap. In the meantime, welcome to the NLN site and feel free to browse around!

Purple Aurora Pillars
Aurora glow and purple pillars visible in NLN’s photograph from St. Patrick’s Day Aurora Storm 2015

Happy Hunting!