G4 Geomagnetic Storming Produces Aurora Around the World 3/17/2015-3/18/2015

KP values have been at storm level for over 18 hours leading to amazing Aurora shows around the globe. With sunset approaching the eastern United States, and the storm continuing, North American Aurora hunters are in for a treat. The ongoing solar storm is buffeting Earth with highly charged particles. The storm launched a couple days ago from Active Region 2297 on the sun:

Solar Magnetogram
Solar Magnetogram from 3/9/2014 with Active Region 2297 magnified

It takes about three days for a plasma cloud launched from the sun to arrive at Earth. It is still difficult to know exactly the shape and power of the cloud until it arrives at Earth. The SWPC (space Weather Prediction Center) announced a G1 Geomagnetic storm watch for today two days ago. The storm has been much stronger than predicted and will rank in the top Aurora storms of all time.

Here are a couple amazing images as posted on twitter:



New Zealand: