G4 Aurora with KP=8.67 For Saint Patrick’s Day 3/17/2015

Aurora reports are streaming in from around the world about the ongoing Aurora show. Today’s predicted G1 geomagnetic storm has far exceeded expectations. In a G1 storm, KP=5 and northern lights can be visible in southern Canada and northern New Zealand. This storm is registering as G4 with a KP=8.67. That means Aurora can be visible in mid-latitudes (London, Ireland, Germany, Pennsylvania, Ohio).

The combination of a coronal mass ejection from the Sun earlier this week from active sunspot region 2297 and the spring equinox have made this a particularly strong solar storm. If the KP stays high as it gets dark Europe and North America are in for quite a St. Patty’s day treat.

This is probably one of the top 20 solar storms you will experience in your lifetime. Here’s an image from the NLN Current Kp Real-time Chart from around noon EST:

KP chart showing current activity
NLN’s current KP real-time chart shows active aurora activity from 3/17/2015

Stay tuned to NLN, we’ll post updates as aurora reports come in

Happy hunting!