NLN Aurora Briefs – February 27, 2015

NOAA SWPC has issued a G1 geomagnetic storm watch for Feb 28 and March 1 UTC. This means there is the possibility of KP=5 or greater between 7:00PM EST Friday night and 7:00pm EST Sunday night (midnight to midnight GMT).

This watch is posted due to the anticipated high speed solar wind related to the northward extension of the southern hemisphere coronal hole. It should look very familiar as this is the same coronal hole that produced a 4-day long period of enhanced Aurora activity at the end of January, see NLN’s writeup. Here’s an image of the Coronal hole as of right now:

Southern Hemisphere Coronal Hole
Southern Hemisphere Coronal Hole Returns 2/26/2015, possible G1 storming ahead

On it’s last rotation, solar wind speeds at Earth reached 780km/s. NOAA is predicting similarly high winds this rotation. In addition to high wind speeds, this storm should start with a sector boundary crossing. During these boundary crossings, KP often becomes elevated. Stay tuned over the weekend!

For tonight’s featured tweets, something non-space related because Twitter filled with Llamas… yup, Llamas. Brian Wolven works at JHU applied Phsyics Lab with SSUSI. Today, he posted this most useful tweet in helping understand why Twitter is abuzz with Llamas and a dress:

Happy Hunting!