NLN Aurora Briefs – February 17, 2015

Activity really picked up from the continued influence of the CH HSS (Coronal Hole High Speed Stream). Solar wind became enhanced with speeds reaching about 450 km/sec, and the Bz component having periods of sustained negative readings, the KP reached 5.33. As a result, aurora pictures from Norway, Finland, Northern England, Iceland, Canada, Alaska and New Zealand flooded our social media feeds .

Geomagnetic activity is expected to trail off today and then be quiet for the next several days. The coronal hole has left the Earth-Sun line, so solar winds should subside. The next chance for solar activity appears to be the return of active region 2268. Once it rotates into view and is renumbered the flare threat level will be adjusted to reflect it’s potential.

So many great tweets to pick from for today’s featured tweet. This one from Paul Le Comte really captured the magic:

Happy hunting!