NLN Aurora Briefs – February 10, 2015

In yesterday’s Aurora brief we mentioned that activity might be heating up. It did heat up, but not from either of the regions we featured. We experienced a long duration M2.24 flare from AR2282. NLN measured the decay rate on this flare at 1.6 (lower = more likely to produce a CME), and all indications are there will be a large CME from the eruption. We’ll have to wait on LASCO imagery to get confirmation, and to determine if it will be Earth directed.

NLN added a new feature to the site over the weekend. The KP chart on the upper right on this page and on the current Real-time KP page continuously refreshes. You no longer have to refresh the page to see current data.

Today’s featured Tweet is from HaloCME, with an excellent video of the likely CME from the M2.44 Flare:

Happy Hunting!