NLN Aurora Briefs – February 9, 2015

The Sun has been fairly quiet over the last week, but there are hints that there may be some solar activity ahead. There is a huge filament that is stretching from the SW quadrant to the NE quadrant of the Sun. You can see it in the image below as the dark line snaking through the ligher areas in the SDO AIA 204 image from this morning. Much of this filament is facing Earth, if it erupts, we’d likely see a major Earth-directed CME.

Filament visible in AIA 304
A filament snakes from SW to NE across the Earth facing solar disk

The second hint that activity may be picking up is that AR 2280 has developed a delta spot. This region is rotating off the Earth-sun line, but could potentially produce a CME. If nothing else, it raises the chances there will be an M-class flare in the next couple days. Here’s the magnetogram with the region labeled:

AR 2280 delta spot
Active Region 2280 with a delta spot show in HMI magnetogram

Today Featured Tweet: A beautiful sunset from the space station.

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