NLN Aurora Briefs – February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day. With solar wind exceeding high end expectations of 550-650km/s and reaching the high 700s, the G1 storm watch finally came through on it’s potential. Solar conditions last night reached G1, and stayed there for three 3-hour reporting windows. Solar wind is expected to stay high, so SWPC has continued the G1 watch for another day. This image sums up last night:

chart of K-index showing 9 hrs of G1 storming
Planetary K index reporting by SWPC Febrary 2, 2015

On the Sun, there were no M-class flares, but AR2277 continued to grow, and there was a large CME. The CME was back-sided and will not impact Earth.

For today’s featured tweet, and excellent Aurora picture from Delta Junction Alaska.