NLN Aurora Briefs – February 1, 2015

It’s February! Day two of the current 72 hour G1 geomagnetic storm did not produce the anticipated KP=5, but it has been close. As predicted, solar winds have been upwards of 400km/s most of the day. It still seems likely the the first part of February 1 will produce a KP reading at or above 5. As of 1:00AM EST, Solar wind is at 473 km/s, Bz just shifted negative, and proton density has increased to over 5 p/cm3.

The Moon is close to full and has been making it harder to see Aurora tonight. The light from the moon, especially reflecting off the snow means slightly higher than normal KP will be needed to see the Aurora than normal.

Featured tweet is a gorgeous green aurora with reflection shared with us from Imágenes Universales @universoPic by way of Joanie MacPhee @JoanieGentian