NLN Aurora Briefs – January 31, 2015

SWPC has extended the G1 Geomagnetic Storm watch through February 1. Earth’s magnetosphere continues to be under the influence of high speed solar wind from the southern coronal hole. High latitude aurora are likely to continue and there’s a chance for aurora at upper mid-latitudes.

Wind speed to Aurora alert lead times table
Solar wind speed determines how much lead time you have to see aurora

We posted the above table to the Northern Lights Now Twitter accounts (@northlightalert) earlier today. When the solar wind is strong there is less time between when a solar storm hits the ACE satellite and when it hits Earth. Thus, strong wind (like in the current storm) means less lead time between when a KP alert is announced and when the Aurora displays. So be ready.

You can track the current KP on our live KP page.

Today’s Featured Tweet: The first aurora image we saw from tonight’s storm.