Solar Flare Browser

Solar flares are large (10-100 time the size of Earth) magnetic explosions on the Sun’s surface. They are categorized by their size. C-class is 10 times as powerful as B-class, M-class is 10x the size of C-class and X-class is 10 times the size of M-class. Flares are measured by the amount of x-rays arriving at the GOES satellite. With the solar flare browser, you can see the current x-ray count, and you can look at the profile of previous flares.

  • Date: Jun 22, 2015
  • Start Time: 17:39 PM UTC
  • Time at Peak: 18:23 PM UTC
  • End Time: 18:51 PM UTC
  • Duration: 72 Minutes
  • Flare Class: M-Class
  • Max Flux: M6.6
  • Background Flux: B9.32
  • End Flare Flux Threshold: M3.3466
  • Start To Peak Growth: 70.8x
  • Flux Growth Rate: 10.166
  • Flux Decay Rate: 2.393

Hint: look at the decay rate, the lower it is, the more likely it is that the flare produced a CME – which is what will bring aurora to Earth when it arrives.

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